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The Baratza Virtuoso has been voted as the best grinder for home use on the market. It’s been touted as having wonderful technical skill, a consistent, high quality grind, and classic style.

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The Baratza Virtuoso boasts 40mm conical burrs which are professional-grade, are perfect for an espresso, and work wonders for a consistently, fine grind. We also love the Virtuoso for use with the French Press method. It’s particle size uniformity provides excellent consistency from cup to cup. The Virtuoso is so consistent,we consider it to be in a class unto itself, both at the fine and course ends of the range. And we’re not alone. Many specialty coffee roasters swear by the Virtuoso.

The Baratza Virtuoso’s secret sauce multi-faceted. It starts with an extremely efficient DC motor, which ensures your beans stay cool, even during extensive grinding, meanwhile the gear speed reducers slow the burr rotation to 450 RPM. All of this ensures a smooth bean feed, reduces noise, and prevents static and heat buildup.

The Baratza Virtuoso’s exterior design is as carefully attended to as its inner workings. An easy-to-use and easy access pulse button enables you to grind directly into your espresso filter basket, while an integrated 60-second timer allows you to replicate the perfect grind time. With the Virtuoso, the design goes beyond simply being functional. The contoured metal top and base give the Virtuoso a luxurious appeal that creates a sense of quality and class to any kitchen counter.

Baratza is the only grinder brand we trust to grind our treasured Kopi Luwak.


The Virtuoso’s 40mm conical burrs are manufactured in Europe, and grind beans at 1.5 to 2.4g per second depending on the chosen setting. However what really sets the burrs apart is the burr’s ability to provide an extremely precision and uniform grind.  Additionally, there is a noticeable lack of fines across its wide grinding range. The Baratza Virtuoso’s burrs are perfect for espresso, drip, and manual brewing methods. The conical burrs are highly durable and are able to remain sharp for years to come. The burrs have a highly precise mounting system to guarantee a sturdy platform for accurate grinding.


Baratza introduced their second generation Gearbox (GB 2.0) in 2012. With the new Gearbox, they have significantly increased the durability and strength of the drive transmission, keeping noise to a minimum. The motor mounting plate and bushings, along with a new drive shaft, are made from 15% glass-filled thermo plastic which produces less noise than the previous metal gear. It has more even wear and is able to resist shock without sustaining damage. During the testing process, steel screws were thrown into the burrs. As designed, the gear, motor and burrs stopped instantaneously, the thermal cutout was triggered, and the gears sustained no damage.


You can quickly and easily adjust your grind from fine to course and everything in-between with 40 setting variations. The Virtuoso has a grind range from 200 to 1200 microns.


The Virtuoso significantly reduces the amount of coffee ground left in the grinder to maximize freshness.


The Virtuoso is an extremely versatile grinder, with grinds perfect for manual brewing to espresso.


The Virtuoso boasts a powerful, high torque DC motor that effortlessly and efficiently drives the burrs. The motor’s slow rotation results in quiet, cool operation and allows for extended grinding duty-cycles. The electronics are equipped with an auto-reset thermal cutoff switch.


Baratza’s industry-leading burr calibration system assures that each or their machines has the full range of grind. The grinder can also be user calibrated if necessary.


With precision speed control, the Baratza Virtuoso employs a combination of electronic and gear speed reduction to govern the rotation of the burrs to 500 RPM. This slower speed limits noise, heat, and static in the grinder. As a result, the beans are feed effortlessly into the burrs.


The Baratza Virtuoso has a convenient 60-second timer with segmented graphics. This allows for easily duplicatable grind times.


Easy cleanup is essential when considering a high-end grinder that will get lots of use. The Baratza Virtuoso makes it easy with easily removable burrs that require no tools.

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