100% Certified Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee

Gayo Kopi provides the world’s most exquisite, authentic Wild Kopi Luwak in the world, produced by the Civet in Indonesia. The animals live freely in the jungles that border our farms in the highlands of the Gayo Mountains in Northern Sumatra. Each and every batch of our beans is authenticated to ensure no caged or force-fed animals are used in the their production. No Blends. Totally Pure. Totally Fresh.

The Kopi Luwak Story

The story of our treasured Kopi Luwak begins in the Gayo Highlands of Northern Sumatra in Indonesia. Here, the Civet, a cousin to the Mongoose, lives freely in the jungles that border our farms. Along with ripe jungle fruits, the Civet has a nose for only the finest beans, and enjoys coffee beans as part of it’s varied diet. Upon ingesting the beans, a natural process occurs which alters the bean’s properties, removing its bitterness and introducing flavorful notes of exotic jungle fruits. Kopi Luwak is then collected from the jungle and processed by our highly trained staff.

Gayo Kopi Flavor

Gayo Kopi is naturally very sweet, rich and indulgent, combining dark chocolates, toffee, caramel and molasses. As the coffee cools, you begin to discover the lower range of flavor notes. One of those is Staranise. This sweet tasting spice adds to the evolving complexity of our Luwak Coffee. Our beans are also naturally infused with fruit varieties that feed the wild civets. The Markisa Passion fruit is one of these, which creates an alluring hint of sweetness in each sip.

kopi luwak flavor

Our Commitment to Wild-Sourced Kopi Luwak

The process of producing Kopi Luwak Coffee naturally occurs in the wild. However, since many have exploited the Luwak for financial gain, it’s virtually impossible to obtain authentic wild-sourced Luwak coffee in the United States. Gayo Kopi has established a partnership with the most well documented producer of Luwak in the world. Each and every collection of beans are guaranteed to ensure no caged-animals are used in their production.

gayo kopi luwak coffee 21-stage process

An Elaborate Process

Each phase of our process is controlled by an artisan craftsman whose knowledge about coffee and the land has been passed down through the generations. Our farmers and processors know their coffee with intricate knowledge. Their skills and awareness can only be taught over a lifetime of living in the mountains.


There is no other Kopi Luwak coffee on earth that is as traceable as Gayo Kopi. We employ a stringent process to guarantee each bean is certified as wild, of the highest quality and traceable directly to the time and location it was collected. As part of our authentication and certification process, this accountability is essential to our unparalleled quality, sustainability and honorable treatment of the animals. A rare combination, for the world’s rarest coffee.

Kopi Luwak Tracibility
kopi luwak habitat

Sustainable and Responsible Sourcing

Kopi Luwak Coffee carries negative connotations in the minds of many discerning coffee lovers, and rightly so. Unfortunately, there are many who have exploited the animal for profits, resulting in caged animals being force-fed a coffee exclusive diet. This damages the digestive tract of the animal, and greatly endangers its overall well-being. Gayo Kopi collects Luwak from only wild animals, which means annual production is very low.

Wild Luwak Arabica Coffee

Our Certified Wild Luwak Arabica Coffee is the most rare and treasured coffee in the world. Luxury of this kind is seldom achieved.

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