Wild Luwak Certification

Certified Wild Kopi Luwak

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our coffee is only sourced from free roaming wild Civets. We’ve been fortunate to build an alliance with the most respected supplier of Wild Luwak coffee in the world, whose coffee is certified as wild luwak by the Gayo Coffee Protection Society and approved by the Speciality Coffee Association of Indonesia. A portion of each sale is donated to Wild Animal Protection’s campaign against cage sourced Kopi Luwak.

Each and every collection of beans is guaranteed to be sourced from wild civets. However, the current landscape of wild kopi luwak certification is ripe with deficiencies. Unfortunately, current certifications only require producers to pay a fee, after which a certifying official visits the plantation for a one-time inspection. As long as there are no caged civets on the property during that inspection, certification is granted. As soon as the producer has their certification in hand, they can bring in caged animals to begin producing the coffee which is then marketed as wild. Although you would hope this level of dishonesty is rare, we can assure you it’s not.

A Call for More Stringent Certification

Although we applaud the efforts by these organizations to stand against the production of cage-sourced kopi luwak, we believe much more needs to be done to close the loop-holes in these certifications. For example, higher certification fees would allow officials to randomly inspect operations rather than trusting adherence to certification guidelines after a one-time inspection. Those who are caught with caged animals on their premises would have their certification revoked, face steep fines, and be prohibited by the government from selling Kopi Luwak in the future. Individuals who provide information leading to the exposure of caged animal production by a certified producer could be given a small monetary reward.  These, along with other measures, would lead to an environment where the risk associated with caged animal production would far outweigh any temporary financial gains, and create a culture that champions the ethical treatment of animals.

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Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia Badge
Gayo Coffee Protection Society Badge
Halal Certification Badge

In Addition to the Above Certifications, the Farms where our Kopi Luwak is Harvested are all certified by these and other organizations.